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Walls 6th

Panhellenic Exhibition of Architectural work

Location: Patra Greece

Team: Konstantin Thorvald Barlas, Sofia Ioannidi,

Maria Skoura

Gross surface: 00 sq. m.

Client: Patras Architects Association

Design date: 2009

Completion date: November 2009

Our goal was to communicate architecture to the public. Our basic tool for realizing this was the concept of the limit. In our case the architectural equivalent to the limit was the figural element of the wall, which we used throughout the all exhibition. The different wall formations expressing the different possibilities as those a limit can provide. Prohibition, which is only primarily linked to the concept of the limit, as well as potential of transgression and escape, are the experiences that we wish to create with the walls of this exhibition.

Our working space was the former Ladopoulos paper factory, an open plan space. In this space we formed a route based on a folding wall that creates spaces within space, demarcating the different categories of the works in a precise, yet free, almost fluid way. The basic route is easily detectable but, at the same time, there are many other possible routes. The one wall transform itself in many and, as a result, continuity and discontinuity, permanent and variable coexist, providing visual escapes and outlets.

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