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Location: Patra Greece

Architect: Konstantin Thorvald Barlas

Team: Maria Tzavala, Sofia Miranda Papageorgiou

Gross surface: 370,00 sq. m.

Client: 2A+C

Design date: 2009

Completion date: -

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

The project encompasses a five-story apartment building featuring pilotis, situated between an old two-story building to the north and a seven-story apartment building to the south. The composition of the structure is carefully designed with rectangular volumes that progressively increase in size, ensuring a seamless transition in harmony with the neighboring buildings.


Each floor accommodates independent residences, with the exception of the ground floor and the topmost level. These residences are designed as two-story houses, providing a sense of autonomy and privacy. Ample windows are incorporated into the design to maximize natural light and ventilation, fostering a strong connection with the surrounding outdoor spaces.


The balconies, spanning across the building, serve as functional outdoor areas, extending the living space of each residence and providing opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment.

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