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Location: Patras, Greece

Architect: Konstantin Thorvald Barlas

3D visualisation: Emmanouil Amariotakis

Client: Private

Design date: 2021

Presented is a comprehensive architectural renovation endeavor, poised to rejuvenate a commercial establishment encompassing the ground floor, the attic, and a segment of the basement. The grand entrance graces Athinon Street at street level, inviting visitors into this transformative space.

Upon crossing the threshold of the ground floor, one encounters an expansive expanse designed to serve as a multi-functional nucleus. Here, a harmonious fusion of an inviting reception area and bespoke customer service offices will establish a lasting impression. Towards the rear, the spatial canvas unfolds to unveil vital ancillary amenities, including staff lavatories and a well-appointed kitchen.

Seamless vertical circulation between the ground floor, basement, and attic will be facilitated by a meticulously crafted staircase system. In the subterranean realm, the basement is allocated for judicious storage purposes, optimizing the overall utility of the establishment.

Venturing upward to the attic, a meticulously thought-out scheme unfolds. This space will house four distinct office sanctuaries, among them an executive office with prominence. Additionally, a purposefully designed conference room and refined restroom facilities will grace this level. Noteworthy is the strategic placement of the executive office at the central axis of the western façade, ensuring convenient accessibility for all occupants of the adjoining office domains.

An aesthetic flourish will be introduced through the use of elegant glass partitions, serving to delineate and define the various office spaces on the attic level. Furthermore, an emphasis on natural illumination and ventilation will be achieved through the incorporation of generously proportioned horizontal apertures.

In summation, this ambitious renovation initiative aspires to craft highly functional and meticulously organized spaces within the tri-tiered structure—ground floor, basement for storage, and attic level tailored for office functionality and collaborative meetings.

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