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Location: Dasylio, Patras

Architect: Konstantin Thorvald Barlas

3d Visualization: Stefania Voulgari

Client: Private

Design date: 2022

The plot designated for the construction of the residence is located on Dasyliou Street, in the area of Tritaki, adjacent to the Dasylio area. It is a narrow, elongated plot with a noticeable slope, offering an imposing view of the lower city and the Patraikos Gulf.


The building will be constructed on five levels due to the narrowness and steep slope of the plot. Because of this configuration, the roof becomes monolithic, following the slope of the plot. At the center of the building, there is an atrium to provide both a southern orientation and to divide the building into two separate volumes.


The entrance to the residence is at ground level on Dasyliou Street. The ground floor serves as a transitional space where vertical access to the other areas of the residence is provided through an elevator and staircases. Above the ground floor, an autonomous bedroom with an ensuite bathroom is developed, along with access to a terrace overlooking the city and a balcony with a forest view. Below the ground floor, the kitchen with a WC and, towards the west and the view, the living room with the dining area are developed. On the basement level, there are 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and a storage room, and on the final level, there is the living room of the swimming pool, a bedroom, a bathroom, and storage spaces. The spaces on the final level have access to the uncovered areas and the pool.


On the eastern side of Dasyliou Street, one parking space is also being formed.

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