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Architectural Competition

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Architects: Konstantin Thorvald Barlas, Emmanuil Amariotakis, Stefania Voulgari

Design date: 2024



 Designed to meet the needs of kindergarten, elementary school, and the community, the proposal represents a blend of functionality and contemporary aesthetics. The school was created with the need for spaces that encourage playful and educational interaction in mind, providing an environment that supports imagination, creativity, and exploration, contributing to the development of children's skills and knowledge. 

 The new building, shaped like an "L," skillfully embraces the outdoor space of the school, offering an exciting and functional extension to the existing space. This design creates a boundary between the outdoor and indoor environments while also serving the functionality of the school.




 The design was crafted with the objective of ensuring functionality, establishing an educational environment that caters to the educational requirements of the students. 

 The design intention involves creating a unified courtyard space on the ground floor, with the shared functions of the elementary school harmoniously integrated into this space. The intermediate space, formed by the roofs of the cafeteria and the clinic, towards the direction of the first-floor level, evolves into a multifunctional play area. The stadium bleachers offer multiple functions, combining play areas with slides and climbing nets. At a higher level than the courtyard, the two restaurant. 

 The canopy plays a special role in the structure of the new school complex, offering a welcoming gesture to the elementary school. Starting from the entrance of the courtyard, it creates a covered pathway that connects the old with the new school complex. The special shape, following the indentation of the old Helenion school, enhances the idea of embrace, emphasizing the connection between the two schools. 

 To ensure the autonomous functioning of the kindergarten, it is located on the first floor with the strategic placement of the entrance in direct contact with the sidewalk of Agia Eleni Street. The entrance space on the ground floor serves as an intermediate space for the reception and delivery of children. Also, from this space, direct communication between the kindergarten and the restaurant takes place. The connection of the entrance is smoothly achieved through a staircase-bleacher, also serving as a small amphitheater and play area. 

 On the first floor, the two activity rooms are developed, which communicate with each other. The teachers' room is positioned along the corridor for optimal visual contact with it and provides direct access to the special education room. In addition, there is an internal space for breaks, and following this, there is the covered and outdoor external play area. 

 The second floor hosts the classrooms of the elementary school. An outdoor space, equipped with a staircase-bleacher, leads to an accessible planted roof with a canopy equipped with photovoltaic systems, incorporating sustainable energy practices. 

 The parking area, located in the semi-basement, at the southern end of the plot, with direct access from Agia Eleni Street, offers distance and minimal visual contact of the school with traffic.




The main rooms are positioned along the East-West axis, intelligently exploiting the southern orientation. Their precise placement in relation to lighting and natural ventilation significantly contributes to creating a sustainable and comfortable educational environment

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