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Location: Patras, Greece

Architect: Konstantin Thorvald Barlas

Team: Emmanouil Amariotakis| Stefania Voulgari

Client: Private

Area: 99 sq.m.

Design date: 2023

A two-story multifamily residence, initially comprising one apartment on each floor. Through a creative redesign, we have successfully transformed this structure into four distinct and contemporary living spaces, each designed for optimal space utilization.

Our renovation prioritized the seamless integration of living spaces, emphasizing the creation of a comfortable and adaptable environment in every apartment. Each unit boasts an open-concept design, merging kitchen and living areas to foster a sense of spaciousness and social cohesion, creating an atmosphere of expansiveness that transcends traditional confines.

Careful attention was given to the layout of each apartment, ensuring the inclusion of a unified kitchen and living area, a cozy bedroom, and a well-designed bathroom.

This renovation project reflects our dedication to modern urban living, combining functionality with aesthetics. It is a testament to our belief that thoughtful design has the power to elevate living experiences, providing residents with not just a place to reside but a contemporary space that embraces the essence of urban living at its best.

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