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Location: Patras, Greece

Architect: Konstantin Thorvald Barlas

Interior Design - 3d Visualization: Stefania Voulgari

Client: Private

Area: 94 sq.m.

Design date: 2023

The ground-floor storage with a loft in a multi-story building on Evmilou Street, behind the Holy Temple of St. Andrew in Patras, undergoes redesign to accommodate the needs of a modern communal student residence, emphasizing architectural functionality.
Applying the principles of an open floor plan, the internal structure gains cohesion and multifunctionality. The living room, elevated from the pavement level, is designed to avoid direct contact with the external space. The kitchen serves as the central hub, with a red-colored wall accentuating its significance. The dining area integrates into the depth of the space, connecting the interior with the well-designed outdoor area.
On the ground floor, a bedroom with access to the external space and a WC provide collaborative functionality. The loft, accessible through a wooden staircase, features two additional bedrooms, a WC, and a space for relaxation, reading, and leisure. A large full-length mirror conceals the storage space with washing machines, incorporating functionality discreetly.
The apartment incorporates industrial elements into its interior, such as wooden flooring, perimeter walls made of exposed concrete, and black metal details, creating an impressive aesthetic. The use of red objects in the space interrupts the grayscale atmosphere, making the area cotemporary and dynamic.

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