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Location: Patras Greece

Architect: Konstantin Thorvald Barlas

Team: Sofia MIranda Papageorgiou

Interviews with client: MIrto KIourti

Gross surface: 250 sq.m.

Plot surface: 1000 sq.m.

Client: Private

Design date: 2010

The house was designed for a four-member family in the suburb of Patras, Rio.
The shape of the site, the orientation and the desire of the users for a house that is introvert to the surrounding area led to the L shape arrangement of the residence. The overall design of the house follows the direction of the site boundaries, the building confronts the acute angle of the site as well as its shape that widens in the back side.

The building is located to the west and north side of the site creating an entry zone for pedestrians and cars and is separated from the outdoor space that takes orthogonal shape.

The design’s goal was free movement in the interior

and the interaction with the outdoor space. A free unhindered ow is created and the outdoor space becomes part of the interior, creating an integrated synthesis.

The free ow of the plan is also expressed in the syn- thesis of the volumes with a “play” of penetration-re- ception of the volumes where the void turns into am- pleness. 

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