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Ayia Apartment Building

Location: Ayia, Patras

Architect: Konstantin Thorvald Barlas

Team: Stefania Voulgari

Gross surface: 62 sq.m.

Client: Private

Design date: 2023

Status: Under Construction

This modern retail establishment is a testament to innovative design principles. With a color palette spanning from warm beige-brown to anthracite, it creates an inviting and visually appealing atmosphere. The decision to eschew curved shapes in favor of clean, geometric lines underscores its distinctive style.

Notably, the store features transparent metallic shelves situated in front of its expansive windows. These metal structures, supported by cylindrical columns, serve a dual purpose as both dividers between the public and retail spaces and additional product displays. Their transparency preserves visual continuity between the interior and exterior, ushering in natural light and adding a touch of elegance to the interior.

Instead of conventional perimeter shelving, the store boasts elegant display cases that present products with sophistication. Its organizational scheme is built around islands, each dedicated to a specific product category, such as nuts, coffee, cereals, organic goods, snacks, select wines, and confectionery. This island-based layout provides customers with an immersive and aesthetically pleasing shopping experience.

The strategic deployment of islands not only highlights the diversity of the store's offerings but also creates a dynamic and playful environment that captures visitors' interest. This spatial arrangement encourages customers to explore the store, making spontaneous purchases more likely and driving foot traffic.

The placement of the cash register in a prominent position ensures both practicality and ease of access for customers. Furthermore, its sleek black design serves to create a striking contrast with the products on display, making it easily identifiable and appealing to customers.

In summary, this store's design is geared toward creating a memorable and enjoyable shopping experience, with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, and visual appeal. It serves as a prime example of how architectural choices can significantly impact customer engagement and satisfaction.

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