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This residence is designed for a five-member family. The site, located in Palaiopanagia, a suburban area of Nafapaktos (Greece), has an plot area of 1.000 sq.m., and a pentagonal shape. Its wide side is orientated to the north view. The direct relationship between the interior and exterior space was requested from the client, as well as the building to be placed on the end of the site, leaving free space for a future addition. The design of the house is a combination of ve dynamic, linear, crooked zones that are consisted of void and full volumes. Those zones are moving in parallel, sliding with each other and creating a dynamic relationship. The building is unfolding the west – east axis, with the main orientation on the south and the exterior space. In the ground oor, the house is bending towards the site, enforcing the relationship with the exterior, where- as on the rst level, the zone that embraces the build- ing is creating a strong boundary. In order to achieve a clear de nition the relationship of public and private spaces, the entrance is placed on the north part and the boundary of the building is more closed and clear. On this side, the secondary functions of the house are placed. Towards the south side, the building opens to the exterior accommodating the living room and din- ing room on the ground level and the bedrooms on the first level.  

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Location: Ratzakli, Kefallonia

Architect: Konstantin Thorvald Barlas

Team: Emmanouil Amariotakis, Stefania Voulgari

Client: Private

Design date: 2023

Status: Under Construction

Nestled in the southern reaches of Kefalonia, adjacent to Skala village, lies the settlement of Ratzakli. Perched upon a sloping terrain, it offers uninterrupted vistas of the sea.

Ascending gracefully in three tiers, the architectural ensemble unfolds, establishing a cascading rapport with the landscape. Each dwelling, strategically positioned at varying elevations, boasts its own private entrance, seamlessly merging with the external environment.

Access to this architectural marvel is facilitated from the roadside, where three dedicated parking spots await, inviting exploration of its captivating design and panoramic setting.

The residences are thoughtfully designed with a unified living-dining-kitchen space, one bedroom, and one bathroom. This open-plan area seamlessly connects to the outdoor environment, leading to the outdoor seating area of each residence and the inviting pool. This design highlights the meticulous consideration given to integrating indoor and outdoor spaces in the architectural planning.

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